About Kiri

Experienced TV Host & Reporter based in London & LA. From interviewing racing legends on the starting grid to uncovering fashion trends in the paddock, I specialize in showcasing the thrilling intersection of motorsports and sports journalism on a global stage.


I am Kiri or KB a TV host from the UK that has been living between LA and London for the last 10 years. You will mainly find me on a Rally or a Race track, but I love a bit of the glitz and glamour as well and can be found at a red carpet or a Royal wedding with a Microphone in my hand.


A captivating on-screen presence, Kiri Bloore (KB) is a UK-based TV host who seamlessly navigates the worlds of motorsports and entertainment. With a decade of experience spanning Los Angeles and London, she's as comfortable breaking down the latest Formula 1 results as she is interviewing A-list stars on the red carpet. From the adrenaline of the racetrack to the glamour of Hollywood, Kiri's passion and expertise shine through.