Exploring Umeå, Sweden: Snow, Music, and Sweetness

May 6, 2024

The crisp Swedish air filled my lungs as I stepped off the plane into a winter wonderland. Umeå, nestled in the north, promised a unique kind of adventure. Anna, my enthusiastic guide, whisked me off to a playground built entirely of snow. We laughed as we whizzed down the icy slopes on sledges, feeling like…

Music echoed through my next stop: the world’s most famous guitar museum. I stood in awe before instruments wielded by legends like the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Sam, the museum’s founder, shared incredible stories of how this small town became a rock and roll mecca, filled with secret guitar dealers and hidden treasures. Even my twin-loving heart was delighted when he introduced me to his twin brother!

The day’s sweetest surprise came at Jenny’s chocolate factory. The roasted cacao bean aroma lingered in the air as she explained her bean-to-bar process. Sampling chocolate fresh from the machines was pure bliss. But the real treat was their white chocolate made with Swedish oats – a unique twist on a classic.

As the sun dipped below the snow-covered rooftops, I made my final stop: a flurry of snow angels. Umeå charmed me with its blend of playful energy, rich musical history, and unexpected culinary delights. This wasn’t just any Swedish city; it was a place with a rhythm and sweetness.